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Welcome to the fast food supermarket cashier - a shopping paradise for the city and downtown residents, explore the inside world with many popular outlets, help your customers to shop and pay at the cashier counters, get ready for ultimate frenzy mania and fun. This mega shopping mall has a huge supermarket with lots of sections and multiple cash registers with tycoon cashiers for different departments for grocery, cheese and poultry, meat, salami, fruits and vegetables, sweets, and toys, fashion, apparels, kids area and other. Do all the necessary tasks and provide superb supermarket mall shopping services to meet your customers’ needs. Let’s play the role of the fast food court manager in this huge supermarket shopping, be a master chef and cashier of your own hypermarket cuisine court, learn to process the cash register and vending machines, this food shop cashier is an educational and learning time management frenzy mania game for your kids, boys and girls of all ages who has a fever of rage to act like a professional chef. Take up the job to handle customers, take orders for amazing breakfast deals, luncheons and dinners in rush and peak hours of the day, be a superstar chef of this fast food supermarket filled with lots of yummy tummy treats, complete the order and move onto the cash counter for cashier payments, this is an addictive supermarket shopping game for young kids as the more your play this time management game the more you will serve your shoppers and customers. Use the best ingredients to prepare delicious and yummy food, be an excellent master super chef of exotic dishes to be served in brunch, lunch and dinner timings, prepare burgers, patties, fries, tempura, lasagne, beef, fish, salad, chicken burgers, breakfast and chocolate cake, pastries, pizza, burgers, ice-creams, juices, desserts and many edible items at the supermarket. Be the owner of your own restaurant empire, upgrade your cooking machines, get more online or dine-in orders and earn more money. As an experienced fast food court supermarket cashier you must know how to operate the cash register and serve the best way without annoying or keep them waiting at the food ordering counters during shopping, use your POS (point of sale) cashier machines click the orders and charge for the foodstuff your customer order, as soon as you punch the code, the price will ring up on the mini screen of POS, as soon as you get cash from shopping, count them and get the total in cash register, once the amount is received, money drawer will open and you can put the money and return the balance amount to the customer. As a fast food supermarket shopping business tycoon cashier and chef, you can operate automatic cash register, accept payments through dollar bills and notes, learn to charge thru credit cards, debit cards and mobile NFC, if customers running short of money then ATM is the quickest way to draw money and little kids must learn that how to operate the ATM machine in a perfect way in supermarkets, go to the teller machine inside the market to withdraw money instantly for shopping. Show your wipe out skills as a real young business manager and tycoon of this mega supermarket mall, serve customers at drive through and take away counters and have fun. Fast Food Supermarket Cashier Features: • Server customers in Supermarket • Real cashier & cash register simulation game • Amazing Shopping Experience • Supermarket cashier & bank manager


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