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Fridai is a friendly and super-helpful AI voice-powered assistant for video gamers. Fridai is currently focused on providing interactive game guides - like helping with decisions and consequences in the Witcher 3 game. After voice activating Fridai you can ask anything about the game and if a guide exists for it, Fridai will help. Fridai lives in the PC and provides a seamless solution for game-related tasks, without interrupting the game experience. Fridai helps gamers keep their hands and attention on the game, instead of having to fiddle with external systems, buttons and menus to do what they want. Whether it’s recording a clip for social media, interacting with stream viewers, or seeking help to get past a tricky boss level, Fridai is always by a gamer’s side. More than just a robotic assistant, Fridai is a companion who’s always ready to help. It’s clever, playful, occasionally sassy - and above all, a friend. Fridai’s character is a savvy mixture of pop culture’s most beloved AI assistants, and learns as it goes to get even more helpful every time it’s called upon. Fridai saves time and energy for demanding gamers, and helps them have fun doing it.


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