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Get ready to win in Arenal! Soldiers Zombie Advancement, Exit You must defend your legendary warriors and zombies with a world that is a world, a war to be able to survive, you will lose Defenders Warriors well! With the new Zombie Defender, you will win 1 new warrior for challenging creatures and monsters in the new episode! do not forget that this strategy game is always the right choice for the newest fighter different features zombies! With zombie jumping, winning warriors right and fighting, more than 40 different battle arenas awaits you! Soldiers vs Zombie Defense With what you got in the vote, you earn bonuses and diamonds in your diary ... Zombie Apocalypse Do not forget behind the battles with diamonds that will also win wars! You can make warriors stronger with the gold that you will earn from the war .. Soldiers vs Zombie Defense Now Completely Free! Download and Play Now Features: - More than 8 units with different skill and power. - Complete lift of each unit with the star (health, damage, interval, critical ...). - Unit system level. The unit will gain exp - More than 10 zombies with different abilities (freezing units, suicide bombers, big zombies ...) - 3 skills you can use with upgradeable - Unlimited search for diversity. You can earn more gold and jewelry - Get your free ward free every day. - Exciting 40 levels. You will have to have a great skill to complete each challenge. - After each level is completed, you will receive jewelry and gold, the prize will increase as each level increases, and if you complete more levels with the stars, you will receive more rewards. - With the library system, you can see the details of the zombie information, it will help you to have a logical tactic to kill each zombie. Play with Soldiers vs Zombie Defense Games


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