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The grand city is having a hard time, the underworld mafia gangster is at large and spreading chaos and havoc in the cartel sin city, supermarket robbery is underway. The Godfather, lord of the crime and legend of secret agent gangster have escape from the city prison. The legend of the warlords and mafia brawl is catching up cartel all around the sin city and the legend Godfather have escape Alcatraz jail and joined Vegas gangster, is now on the wrath of the clash, the fury of the supermarket robbery gangster is now roaring up all over the downtown and alleys of the Russian criminal squads. The mad city gang clown escape titan robbers are engaged in supermarket theft and brutal killing of security guards. The cops vs robbers chase is hard, the spy agent of the mafia are all over busy in spying for the legend supermarket robbery gangster lords. The spy survivor clash was the the hard target, managed to endless escape and survive the brutal brawl attack. The clash is between the dark legend criminals and gang war cartel of the Godfather of the underworld mafia empire. Mafia legend Gods in this criminal escape is benefiting the Russian undercover spy agents trying to break the backbone of this sin city holdup. The cops are behind the suspects of the great and grand supermarket robbery, the robbers have left in the autos and have engaged in many thefts in the city. The criminal comic grand gangster is dressed as the criminal clown adventure escape over the rooftop. Play your role as the great gambler of slum cartel engaged in cash register supermarket robbery, lead the most wanted gangster legend Gods of this crime city of Vegas, as a serial killer legend clown from impossible Alcatraz escape like supermarket robber. Legend of the underworld downtown are wandering all over the sin city’s haunting the streets, parking areas, malls and supermarkets and transform the scare and madness into this peaceful mad city of clans. Build your mafia empire to take vengeance with counter and hard strike. Involve in supermarket robbery missions, stealing money, grand city destruction and auto thefts. The supermarket cashier business tycoon is the Russian mafia spy agent have hired paranormal psychopaths for the great supermarket burglary and the gangsta for holding the grand city of crime under control. Your role in this supermarket robbery legend gangster fantasy escape is to rule as Godfather, take down every thug and mobster with the downtown mafia wars using lethal weapons and deadly arsenal, guns, knives and spoiled car thefts, take up the streets and gang wars to the dark downtown alleys, takeover the underworld supermarket robbery savages to be the real gangster Godfather and legend mafia clown. Hire and recruit former supermarket manager who is a real escape robbery experts and Alcatraz mobsters in your gang, buy illegal weapons, armors, rob banks, supermarkets, shopping malls, snatch autos and vehicles to build your criminal empire to rule the downtown underworld, fight against the crime legends and mercenaries prepare the hit-list missions to fight the brawl cartel tournaments. The supermarket robbery is not an easy task, the war escape hustler is the runner and great fighter firing the hit list mobsters, rivals and enemies for revenge for the great robbery stuff to be the boss of the Russian mafia and king of the auto thefts. Team up with powerful Russian mafia gangster and make strong bonds with underworld criminals and robbers. Supermarket Robbery: Legend Mafia Gangster Escape Features: • Creepy criminal characters. • Assault, Fist fighting, Run Chase. • Realistic 3D Criminal Environment • Crime Missions and Robbery Tasks. • Stunt Performance. • Rush Grab & steal like a real mobster • Steal money, car chase & auto theft adventure.


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