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Life – The Game is exactly as it sounds: a game of life from birth to death. This game allows you to control all aspects of your characters life and take them on a journey from birth and puberty, through work and old age and eventually death. Throughout the course of this game, you will perform various activities and watch your character grow and flourish. At certain stages and milestones you must perform mini-games like a maths quiz and cooking – if you complete them correctly your character will succeed in life – if not, the consequences are often hilarious! Can you help your character realize their dream before they leave this world? After playing this Release Date The initial release date is December 2015 and the game has been updated in May 2018. Developer Life: The Game was made by Ohmaigawd. Features An awesome simulation game about stages of life Start from a newborn until passed away Each stage of life requires you to play a mini-game Controls Left click to interact P to skip level All rights belong to their respective owners


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