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Logic Blocks Exclusive - thinking has never been more pleasant. Best puzzle game with blocks. It's not a simple game, but it's really addictive. It won't let you get away from your phone for hours.Logic Blocks Exclusive offers you:- over 100 new levels in 10 worlds- increasing difficulty level- bonus world for those of you, who will complete all levelsLogic Blocks is a puzzul game - cross between classic tangram and classic tetris, Tetris and Tangrams Tile Matching Game and Jigsaw. In opposite to Tetris, it requires thinking instead of reflex.Your goal is to fit all the shapes into selected area.10 worlds in Logic Blocks with increasing difficult level will give you entertaiment for long hours. Your goal in ​​the Logic Blocks Exclusive game is very simple, just fit the blocks into the designated area.We offer you a lot of interesting shapes to solve, and a variety of blocks, similar to the basic blocks of classic Tetris or tangram.If you liked "tetris", puzzle,2048 pudding monsters world of goo snail bob, squany island"tangram", "blocks" and other logic or puzzle games, you will love Logic Blocks! Best puzzle game on market! Game rules are fairly easy. In each level you get couple of pentomino or tetris style blocks. Similarly to Block Puzzle game, your goal will be to fit this blocks all into solution area. If you like puzzle games like: doodle fit, pentomino, block fit, block out or block puzzle, you will love Logic Blocks. We designed each level to be different riddle, slightly harder than previous one. We believe that quality is more important than quantity, so you won't find here thousands of nearly identical levels (like in Block Puzzle), but carefully created puzzles in which everything, along with the colors and block layouts is designed to help you focus on finding the solution.


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