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Yahtzee is the classic dice-rolling challenge where you’ll shake, score and shout! Can you roll the right combinations to beat the competition? It is the game with a unique combination of luck and strategy. Every game is an exciting challenge to rack up the highest score. It's classic shake-and-score action that keeps the fun rolling. The objective of Yahtzee is to score the highest possible score within the 13 rounds of the game. With each round, decide which dice to keep on your first, second and third rolls, then roll again or play it as it lays. Dice games are not only simple, but actually a lot of fun & regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult. It is played with 5 dice. Each player's turn consists of rolling the dice up to 3 times in hope of making 1 of 13 categories. Examples of categories are 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straight, full house, etc. Each player tries to fill in a score for each category, but this is not always possible. When players have entered a score or a zero for all 13 categories, the game ends and total scores are compared. Special Yahtzee rule is, the first time you get a Yahtzee in a game it is worth 50 points (if you use it in the Yahtzee slot). If you roll another Yahtzee after you have already got the 50 points (i.e., you didn’t take a zero), you will get a 100 point bonus. Yahtzee is also popularly called Yachty, Yatzie, Yatzee, Yathzy and Poker Dice. Roll it to the limit for the ultimate win with the Yahtzee Classic game. Can you rack up bonus points by scoring an extra Yahtzee. So, how will you roll? Will you stick with a straight, hustle for a full house, or risk it all for a 5-of-a kind Yahtzee score? Go ahead, roll with it!
 Download and play our free Yahtzee game and enjoy all the fun, luck and strategy elements that come along with this classic dice game. ◆◆◆◆ Yahtzee Features◆◆◆◆

 ✔ Create Private Room and Invite Friends ✔ Play with people around the world
 ✔ Easy to play interface
 ✔ Easy to Learn

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 Enjoy playing Yahtzee!


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