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Use data to drive efficiency in end-to-end operations

According to many leading analyst firms, multiple forces have made retail execution one of the top three investment priorities for a consumer goods company. Effective retail execution means that time-in-store is maximized to efficiently gather data that drives powerful analytics around category execution, pricing and promotions effectiveness, and inventory. This information is then aggregated at the home office to drive programs that increase profitability, introduce new product or market penetration, improve segmentation of outlets and brands, drive more effective marketing spend, and promote better organizational alignment. To support all of this, scalability and flexibility of the technology platform is paramount, and must be enabled through an intuitive mobile solution.Retail Execution is a robust, flexible mobile solution designed to empower field sales to quickly manage daily in-store tasks. Specifically, the solution supports field sales and merchandising in the execution of tasks designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store as well as field efficiency. Retail Execution offers an industry-specific set of features that fulfill the core set of requirements for field sales execution. In addition, the product is designed with a level of configurability that allows you to address advanced requirements and unique needs without having to customize the software.

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Retail Execution