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Tools which enable “contact-less” or “contact-reduced” shopping. Here, solutions for self-scanning, self-checkout and self-payment are in focus, as well as tools who help avoid physical queues by being managed digitally and intelligent vending machines or pick-up machines, enabling contact-less sales and pick up outside of stores and opening hours. Furthermore camera and AI-based tools supporting the monitoring of Covid-19 requirements on the store floor:

(alphabetical order)


NEW Ameria: Corona Protection Point

 Logo Ameria Use Case:
The Corona Protection Point is an interactive info point with contactless control via gestures. Used for example in entrance areas of companies, in public institutions and retail spaces, it can provide information about recommended protective measures in the context of the Corona pandemic. Through prevention measures and disinfection, the Corona Protection Point will help to reduce the number of infections in the long-run and will support companies to get out of lockdown faster.
Covid-19 Offer:
Full service offer: AMERIA supplies hardware, software, content as well as installation and commissioning onsite.
Ready-to-go content from AMERIA or adapt the content individually according to your requirements.
The Corona Protection Point is available in two versions: 1. Compact, 2. Enterprise.
For pricing please see Info Brochure Ameria; See VideoNach oben

NEW Bosch: AI-based People Count, Face Mask, Social Distancing & Temperature Detection

 Logo Bosch Use Case:
The computer vision based Bosch solution enables a safe working environment for customers and employees across industries. The solution enables detection of facemasks, enforcement of social distancing and temperature measurements at the business location to detect, alert, and report breaches in safety protocols. Leveraging the existing CCTV infrastructure in place, the solution transforms your workplace into a safe work zone by automated access control, compliance to safety protocols, public announcements and identification of safety breaches.
Covid-19 Offer:
30% reduction in License fee
50% reduction in One time Set up cost
Scale With Existing Cameras
Deployable In 2 Weeks
Flexible Deployment Model (On Premise, Cloud, Edge)
E-learning Package included to remotely train teams
Download Info Brochure 1 Bosch
Download Info Brochure 2 BoschNach oben

NEW Bütema: Digital store access control

 Logo Bütema Use Case:
A simple solution to comply with the strict hygiene regulations in the sales area. With the digital store access control, you coordinate visitor flows and inform your customers about how many people are currently on the area. A 3D sensor, which is attached to the ceiling in the entrance area of the store or floor, automatically records the number of customers. The number of customers in the area is automatically shown on the corresponding display in the entrance area. When the maximum number of people allowed is reached, the display automatically switches to “STOP” and prompts customers to wait and advertising can be shown. After store closes, classic digital signage content can be played on the display. Digital signage content can also be played on low-frequency days, the number of people on the area is then only displayed with a small note. The frequency evaluations can also be retained and evaluated in the long term.
Covid-19 Offer:
Entry level kit
Consisting of one 3D sensor and a freestanding 22” touch screen unit and the soviaRetail digital store access control and digital signage module.
Download Info Brochure BütemaNach oben

Invenda: Contactless Shopping via Intelligent Vending Machines

 Logo Invenda Use Case:
Automatic retail: contactless shopping via intelligent vending machines. Low risk shopping. Reduce the risk of end customers getting contaminated or contaminating retail staff.
Covid-19 Offer:
Buy Invenda Vending Machines and get 50% off licenses for the first 6 months.
After 6 months, standard fees will be calculated based on the number of machines in service.
Download Info Brochure InvendaNach oben

Koala App: Self-Scanning, Self-Checkout App

 Logo Koala App Use Case:
The Smartphone shopping App offers scanning products and pay without waiting and enables 100% contactless shopping, safe shopping experience for customers and store employees.
Covid-19 Offer:
No setup cost
-50% off monthly service fee
our focus is to get your stores live
Download Info Brochure Koala App; See videoNach oben

MishiPay: Scan. Pay. Leave. App.

 Logo MishiPay Use Case:
The Smartphone shopping App offers scanning products and pay without waiting and enables 100% contactless shopping, safe shopping experience for customers and store employees.
Covid-19 Offer:
Solution for rapid deployment in 2 weeks,
mishipay has not yet planned with general rebates, but focuses on rapid deployment and is flexible to adjust terms on case-by-case basis
Download Info Brochure MishiPayNach oben

Ombori: Ombori Grid Queuing

 Logo Ombori Use Case:
Manage queues in front of stores / counters / checkouts and manage customer flows. Avoid waiting times in physical queues and risk of spreading Covid-19 by using a digital que management based on text messaging and browser (no app required).
Covid-19 Offer:
Queuing License is free for 6 months to support businesses during Covid-19
After 6 months a per-store and month license fee apply. Optional integration, customization, design and setup billed hourly. Optional digital signage integration billed per screen and month; Cost per message inbound and outbound SMS cost (varies per country)
Download Info Brochure Ombori; see videoNach oben

Rapitag: Scan & Go Self-Checkout via IoT-based Self-Opening Security Tags

 Logo rapitag Use Case:
Smart IoT tags for security and self-checkout with self-payment. Retail store employees need to minimize contact with customers, self-scanning and payment enables social distancing and frees up resources. Applicable for high-priced or restricted items, e.g. alcohol, razors, disinfectant, hygiene paper, etc.
Covid-19 Offer:
Starter Set: -50% off on all new Pilotstores
Roll-Outs: -20% off on Hardware costs (first order) and 6 Months no Software License costs
Download Info Brochure RapitagNach oben

Stora Enso: Contactless Shopping via Intelligent Vending Machines

 Logo Stora Enso Use Case:
Contactless shopping with intelligent cabinets provides an unmanned and always open shopping experience. The cabinet is RFID-based and comes with respective paper-based RFID tags. Retailers need to limit contact between employees and customers while providing access to frequently requested items independently of store access, smart vending machines offer contactless and store independent access.
Covid-19 Offer:
Package Offering – 4 Indoor Cabinets:
Solution Components: Hardware & RFID Tags, Software, Delivery & Support (Payment System separately)
Leasing fee: 2,500 €/month for all hardware (+VAT)
Eco RFID Tags: 4 months * 4 cabinets* 1000 tags = 16,000 tags (free of charge)
Inventory management software licensing: Free (4 months)
Download Info Brochure Stora EnsoNach oben

NEW T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH: Smart Area Utilization

 Logo T-Systems Use Case:
Automated access control for stores, HQs and warehouses. An end-to-end solution based on sensors: During Covid-19 it offers people counts in stores, rooms or sections and sends alerts via smartphone/ tablets to employees. After Covid-19 the sensors and solution can be used for customer walkway, meeting room booking or workspace utilization analysis to determine and optimize the load.
Covid-19 Offer:
No cost for T-System framework usage
Download Info Brochure T-SystemsNach oben


Please note: this compilation is being continuously extended and kept current. Please contact us in case of questions or suggestions!


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