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The most explosive game on earth is now available on mobile! Return to Burnin' Rubber 4 city for some serious unfinished business. Blast your way through the traffic like there is no tomorrow! This game is jam-packed with all the destructive goodness and hot racing action you've come to expect from the series. Get it while it's free! 'But now, in a world of chaos, one car CAN make a difference!' Smash the coolest cars on the planet into everything you see. Customize your car in the Safe House, making it even tougher, faster and more DANGEROUS! Your favorite BR5 weapons make a glorious return: the flamethrower, laser, railgun and of course the FUEL RPGS! FEATURES • Blast your way through a huge city at 100 MPH! • New vehicles and some old time favorites (GT BLAZE!) • Demon and toxic style pimps for your ride. • Use new gadgets like the boost, jump and the car-bomb. • Pound and bash into the traffic! • Collect hidden packages, rampages, bonuses and trophies! • Use flame bursts and nuclear detonators to blow everything away. • Become the ultimate racing mercenary! Extra vehicles available! • Boss pack: Wreak havoc with these monster cars! • Military pack: No one is safe with these sturdy army vehicles! • Sports pack: These cars are fast and armed to the teeth! Burnin' Rubber - Crash n' Burn is the official tribute to Burnin' Rubber 4. Thank you for playing and for your ongoing support!


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