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COM-MAP is a toolbox of digital cartography functionalities. COM-MAP targets: • private individuals (daily trips: residence-work, residence-school, residence-shopping, vacation outings and so on) and • sportsmen and -women (touring cyclists, joggers, hikers, roller-skaters, trekkers and so on). The COM-MAP application allows to optimize a simple itinerary with several stages (trips by car or on foot). Moreover COM-MAP has other functionalities (points of interests, state of the traffic, and so on) which will help you in decision making. COM-MAP saves your addresses, so you can re-use them later for new calculations. COM-MAP uses the services of cartography of "Here ©" and "Microsoft Corporation ©". COM-MAP uses also "Google Street View ©", "Microsoft Street Side ©", "HERE © / Navteq ©" and "OpenStreetMap ©". COM-MAP supports the "bingmaps" protocol and can become your default mapping application in Windows 10 ©. COM-MAP is available in two languages: English and French.


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