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Cozify WP Application in alpha stage. Cozify is a home automation product, which unifies the user experience of various smart devices by bringing them under one, super-easy mobile and tablet user interface.  IMPORTANT: Requires Cozify Hub hardware to operate. More information from here www.cozify.fi Exciting features * Easy to install, setup and use * Give your guests limited access to use your devices when they are visiting * Cozify Hub discovers all supported devices. Easy setup process! * Add new devices and expand the experience when needed * Future proof setup: Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth LE 4.0, Z-Wave and 433MHz radios Take wake-up into next level Wake-up lights start to wake you up in the dawn, your preferred music or radio channel is set on automatically, and coffee is brewed just in time. Mornings have never been this relaxing. Get notification when your child comes home from school With Cozify app, you can to set the Cozify home automation to send a notification when your child comes home from school. This is one of our favourite features. Make your home safer Dimmed lights turn on automatically during night time if someone is on her way taking a late night snack. Bon appetit! And lights turn on and off randomly when you are on vacation to make the house look inhabited.


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