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Dashcam GTX is a car dashboard camera app with motion data to capture road moments or sudden incidents. Suitable for traveling, sports and commuting, for drivers and passengers, for cars, trucks, bikes and other means of transportation. One of the best ways to utilize your mobile device and an ideal way to repurpose your old Windows 10 phone. Dashcam GTX can also be used as an action camera to monitor and record other activities or conditions utilizing sensor data. - Features include, speedometer, altimeter, compass, horizon, accelerometer and 2-stage video recording. - Speedometer and altimeter values are based on location sensor (GPS, ... - location sensor may require wifi connection or sim card connection in order to operate). - 4K (UHD - 3840x2160), WQHD (2560x1440), Full HD, HD and VGA video recording resolutions are supported depending on device's recording capabilities. Video recording is independent of camera view. Video recording does not run in the background. Only landscape device orientation supported. - Speed is available in 'km/h', 'mph' or 'knots' units. Altimeter is available in meters or feet units. - Quick info on features and functionality is included in the app. - Compass is based on magnetometer. For devices without magnetometer, compass value may derive from location sensor when available. - Tracking assistance dispatch system option with email notification. - Accuracy/Quality indexes for location and magnetometer sensors. - Accuracy depends on the quantity and quality of the sensors and on external factors. - Free, ad-supported with limitations in functionality. - Dashcam GTX+ provides the option to purchase ad-free, full version license. - Dashcam is mostly suitable for mobile devices with location sensor like GPS. PCs can utilize the app by taking advantage of the power resources to create video exported from a mobile device.


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