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Electronic Toolbox combines electronic reference material with a huge collection of calculation, lookup and conversion tools in one handy App right at your fingertips - the perfect tool for students, hobbyists, and engineers. Please note: This app runs on Desktop PCs as well as Tablets. Please also note, even though the App speaks different languages, it can also be switched to English only if you wish. This App contains 77 individual tools, all with a consistent look and feel such as tools for component color or number code decoding. Huge databases to look up Transistors, FETs, Triacs, Diodes etc. and their parameters, including replacement types. Various circuit calculations from simple Resistor networks to NE555 and OpAmp circuits. A socket pin-out database. Just to mention a few. In addition to these tools, the App offers a lot of background information (in English) and also displays the underlying formulas for a better understanding. In addition, a formula database and a Glossary is included. For this reason, this App is designed not just for professionals but also for hobbyists and students who want to learn about electronics. No Internet connection is required to use most of the functions, including the huge databases. Only in case of a first-time download of data-sheets, an Internet connection is necessary. TRY BEFORE BUY: To get an impression of this app, just install my free app "RS Toolbox" here from the Windows Store. RS Toolbox contains 17 out of 77 Tools of Electronic Toolbox.


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