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You're on your way to meet the animals of the farm but the flies make irruptions. Make them all fall in a limited time. You will come across big and resistant flies, others will be very fast, but above all more and more flies will keep coming! You can regularly grab bonuses to help you progress. Combine the bonuses to overcome the most recalcitrant flies! Will you be able to unlock the bonus modes "Boss Fights" and "God's Hand"? Flies, fly away! is a delirious game for the whole family, young or old. It contains no ad. It does not need any special permission. It does not get nor share any personal data.


Neuigkeiten in dieser Version

New title screen and bonuses buttons icons.


  • Use touch screen or mouse
  • Auto save and restore
  • Several game modes (hard, boss fights, etc.)
  • Several bonuses to get throughout the high levels (fly swapper, etc.)

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Action & adventure


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