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Express yourself to the world with your HOPS! Fast, Free. Please no longer ask for your phone number, university (department), department (job title), and do not store it in your phone book. Save your contact exchange time with hops and conveniently access your friend's hops card. You can exchange one-to-one (letter) and one-to-many (board) communications at the same time.. <How to use HOPS> · Create your own hops card in the world by entering your profile picture, name, school (department), department (job title) through hops card creation. · Motto can freely decorate with my favorite words and photographs. · Please exchange my profile card with the other person through QR code. You can easily record when and where you exchanged hops, and memorized how your first meeting was. · If you create various groups in the exchange list, you can easily classify the others hops card after exchange. · You can send a 1: 1 letter directly through the exchanged hops card. You do not have to rely on the chat service. · Your inbox will be automatically deleted after one month, and your important letters can be kept in your library for a lifetime. · You can recall a hops card given to you by a friend. At retraction, my friend can not access my hops. Also I can not access my friend's hops. Take control of my information. · Record memories of your friends through memo notes on your friend's profile card. · Communicate through clubs, team projects, or any place where people gather. It's not chat-centric, but bulletin-based communication, so you do not have to be stressed with so many messages, you can easily get to the core. · If the end date is set when the board is created, automatic explosion will occur on that day. Every developer at hops is constantly struggling to improve the inconvenience of existing messengers and to focus on the most basic messenger functionality - communication. Thus, we are working on dreaming of a day in which hops is loved as the least common means of communication on all mobile phones around the world. We look forward to various opinions! :)


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