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You have in front of you application "Calendar intimate" which was created for every woman. This is an easy and convenient form of control of your menstrual cycle. With this application you know exactly at what point the cycle you are in, which makes it easier to natural family planning. The application clearly and transparently informs you of an impending period, your fertile days and the ovulation. Forecasting the course of cycles is undoubtedly one of the main functionality of the application. All these data application presents in several ways: chart, a verbal description and a calendar, to reach out to each of the wearers in the manner most convenient for her. In "Calendar intimate" you can set reminders for upcoming menstruation, fertile days and the ovulation up to 7 days before they occur. With charts drawing on the basis of your data, you can see how it changes your weight and temperature during the menstrual cycle. "Calendar intimate" offers not only view all of your posts, but also to filter according to the specified criterion (symptoms, moods, weight, etc.). These are just some of the many possibilities the application "Calendar Intimate". To get to know them all - necessarily install the application.


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