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“You simplify emails. It’s not just an email app – it’s a new working space.” NickD "I think it will be a revolution to email apps! It makes it much easier and quick to read and reply emails, like chats do and boom! Appreciate all the hard work to make it happen!" Alexander “Excellent job with this app! You made my office life easier I can finally handle all the emails I get daily!” anaban167 Loop Email turns your email into a collaboration hub. It’s your new workplace, where you can work with your team and get things done from one app. After installing Loop Email you will be able to: • setup a shared inbox and manage busy email accounts together with your colleagues • have team chat conversations • resolve all client related emails within Loop • have side-chat discussions about an email before confirming back to the client (replaces BCC) • have effective teamwork with all files, messages and emails from one place • create as many teams as needed to organize your business conversations • simply sign in and invite your colleagues to get started. No registration or credit card is needed.


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