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Start to change right now with My Fitness app! My Fitness is app based on fundamentally different philosophy. We are against pre-made typical training programs. We deny training routine. We make training accessible in any setting: at home, in a gym, in a park, on a sports-ground. Key features ● personalizing your workouts according to your goal ● automatic selection of exercises for each workout ● effective workout, even without any sports equipment ● system of recommendations to improve your training This app is definitely for you if ● you want to start training, but don’t know how to start ● you don’t want to pay for coaches services ● you appreciate economy of your time on making weekly workout program ● you get tired of the same exercises for a weekly workout ● you are ready to break up with your training notebook We understand, hardly anyone has read the description of the app till this paragraph, but if you have done it, our efforts were not for nothing. We shared parts of our lives with you. 😊 The app was programmed with great love and precise attention to details. We built it with our team, the one that since the first version of the app, have completed their training at home, in the open air, at the fitness club and our office. Experienced fitness instructors approved each exercise. The algorithm for automatic selection of exercises and recommendations we have been programming for 12 months, continuously improving its internal mechanics. In addition, with one hand we wrote this paragraph lifting weights with another! 💪


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