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Network Monitor Pro is the first and only all in one network monitoring solution for Windows 10 devices. Stay alert and actively monitor your entire network from home, in the office, on the go and even while you play games! Network Monitor Pro allows you to add as many networks as you need to and monitor the individual ports and services with just a few clicks. Simply add a new server to the database and the app does the rest. Easily monitor various services for your websites or office networks, as long as they have a port number you can monitor it. Some examples include: HTTP (Web Server), FTP Server, MySQL Database, SSH, cPanel & WHM, Mail Server and much much more! The limits are endless. Features: Monitor up to 10 servers at a time (monitor unlimited servers by upgrading to the paid version, just $3.49 from the store!) Monitor the same service on different servers, simply enter the server IP and port and save Easily recognise individual networks being monitored with "Friendly Names" Automatically monitor services at user-defined intervals, from every minute to every 30 minutes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30 minute options available) Turn local device notifications on or off Event logging, stores logs every time a service is down during checks Log events for adding and removing of servers Turn off logging for service interruptions Turn off logging for adding and removing of servers Fast and easy to understand settings wizard Easily remove single server or all servers at once Easily clear all event logs with just one click Clean, responsive and intuitive design Fast and lightweight operations, no lagging during service checks Low footprint, you'll hardly notice the app running (average memory usage is under 40MB and 2% CPU usage) 99% of apps which are running on Windows 10 devices will enter a "suspended mode" when minimized to free up system resources. Network Manager Pro ensures that the app never enters "suspended mode" meaning the app can always monitor your network. As long as you see the app in the taskbar, you can be sure your networks are being monitored. Note that when running on battery power or on a mobile device you will still need to open the app every 10 minutes (this is due to Universal Windows Applications new battery saving feature). You can work around this by allowing apps to always run from your power saving options from within Windows or by setting your power mode to always on. This does not affect desktop and XboxOne devices.


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