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Ninja Gaiden II is set in the old oriental town in a remote Japanese village where rebel war fighting ninja warriors are divided into groups and have marked their territories . Two groups of war fighting ninja warriors have agreements and pacts of peace to avoid any fights and wars among the war fighting ninja rebel warriors. You belong the larger clan run my the council which includes 3 masters Gaara, Yoshito and Ryu. You are trained to be a warrior ninja who acts on every possible injustice he sees and acts to fight and kill the enemies and other criminal war fighting ninja warriors. In Ninja Gaiden II you are playing the good warrior who has a code of ethics. You stand your ground when you know you have done right in Ninja Gaiden II. Killing enemy war fighting ninja warriors and fighting with the kung fu skills you have learnt will be used extensively in the game Ninja Gaiden II. The game Ninja Gaiden II will convert you from an ordinary kung fu warrior to the level of the master of the art of fight. Chang's Ninja warriors have also been to the city for adventure and have killed a killer mafia lord. The store revolves around the criminal ninjas from Chang's area which includes Grand Temple, are killing innocent people to terrorise and create fear in everyone living in the villages. You are informed that those killer war fighting ninja warriors are hiding inside the temple and misusing it for their illegal activities. These ninja killer have killed a killer mafia lord in the city when they were just out for adventure. Adventure is the most exciting things for the killer ninjas and city is a great place for them to not only find adventure but also kill any killer mafia lord to just show they are the good guys. The ethical teachings of your masters tell you to eliminate and fight off such miscreants. As soon as you find out, without thinking twice, you enter the Chang's territory and kill the killer war fighting ninja warriors who are are killing innocent people. Your attack is the only thing in your mind, survival is the only option to come out of this fight as a hero. This breaks the agreements for peace between the two clans and they come face to face in an upcoming fight of martial arts, kung fu and other ancient fight styles and art. Swords and shurikens are skilfully used by ultimate warriors in both clan. You are held responsible for the attack and hero like war and you have to prove yourself to your masters and uncover the real culprit behind such criminal activities. You will fight and attack till your last breath in identifying who is the real culprit behind maligning your name and destroying your hero like image. Your masters will send you to different missions to step by step guide you to reclaim your honour and weapons which you don't have after you broke the peace agreement. You will be obeying every master as a noble hero but you will stand your ground about the attack you did and came out with a hero like survival. You will fight every mission and reach the level of the war fighting ninja warrior again. Ninja Gaiden II comes loaded with amazing features : √ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with crazy missions √ Combat Tools to fight enemies in all missions √ Great and intuitive user experience for the real ninja fight warrior √ High quality graphics and animations √ Great war fighting using swords and shurikens to right against other criminal ninja warriors √ Thrilling missions for a warrior like you √ Super fun to play attack and fight like a pro warrior √ Excellent game plot, striving for survival and a hero like outcome √ Fight, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game √ It’s FREE!!


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