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When Geekz dress up and play World War II Americans who hold a grudge, no toy is left standing. Put on your helmet, man the wheel and trash, trash, trash your tank through model landscapes of France, Flandern, Austria, Morocco, Japan, Germany and New Swabia ­ TO THE MAX! Ram everything you can, from trees and houses to sheep, French herders, Krautz, pandas, cows, Japs, geishas and everything else in your way to GET THAT FLAG! ● SEE the beautiful model ­landscapes ● LISTEN to awesome Tyroler and WWII march music ● WIND up your tank ● RACE downhill and steer freely ● ROAM the 3D levels as you like ● TILT or TOUCH to steer and jump ● HIT objects to get speed and points ● CHAIN your hits to increase combo scores ● JUMP over obstacles to avoid a sudden stop ● AVOID holes, mines, water and other deadly hazards ● FIND special hidden characters for points bonus ● REACH the flag and complete the level ● REPLAY the levels to improve your performance ● GET JUDGED by the dressed up geekz, watching you from above ● ACHIEVE high scores and be awarded star ­rating ● UNLOCK new levels from earned stars ● PLAY 50+ levels without paying if you are a pro ● PAY to unlock levels, if you are a lazy bum ● DISCOVER easy and challenging achievements In our level­-based racing­-destruction game, you drive through WWII model-landscapes in your quest for liberating the world. Panzer Geekz plays like a fusion of racing, bowling, angry birds and pinball. The games has playful graphics, a smashing soundtrack, realistic toy ­physics and a high degree of freedom in how you tackle the levels for completion and high scores. Earn in-game XBOX achievements to prove your awesomeness. Check out for more games about to be released! Panzer Geekz is a Free­2­Play title with IAP’s. The game can be completed without any purchase, if you receive a high star ­rating in levels. You can purchase stars by IAP, to help you unlock some levels.


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V1.2 Update Features: - Fixed issues with the sound - Rare problems with achievements addressed - Minor bug fixing V1.1 Update Features - Fixed issues in loading scenes - Achievements triggering reviewed - UI and aesthetic improvements - User input controls improved - Slight re-balancing in some levels - Audio and other minor fixes

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