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Photovoltaic System will allow you to calculate your PV System’s amortization over 20…40 years. If you believe in the existance of Math, this PV Application will show you how much can you earn from your brand-new or existing PV System. You start by entering a Number of Panels, PV Panel Capacity, Angle and Slope of your house roof, Sunshine hours, Panel Price, and standard Network Electricity Pricing as Input Parameters. Photovoltaic System will calculate the Targets: - Installed Capacity - Effective Capacity Installation Price - Feed-in Electricity Profit - Buy-from Electricity Network Cost - Self Consumption Rate - Autarky grade - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and - PV System Amortization (ROI) over 20…40 years. Your sweet spot should be somewhere around 10 years already, that’s where we start to make profit. This application is much about empowering you to check it out, according to your own belief in price developments. Select a few switches, add up just the parts you need for your own house. Change every Input Parameter over time, as you think (and not as the sales guy tells you), before you buy. Finally, an independent calculator, transparent by design. You’ll clearly see how your Self Consumption Rate will affect your overall profit, on the spot. All Formulas are shown in ToolTips by concept. Two user competitions are included with the software that allow everyone to vote for new simulation ideas, as well on our public roadmap of platform features. We work from Top Votes. PV System includes: - Bakery Tutorial (a one-product business model simulation) - Photovoltaic System – PV amortization (intro) - Photovoltaic System – with Prosumer Network Trading - Photovoltaic System (de) – with EEG support (german regulation) - free Battery independency calculcator (Weblink) - Your perfect do-it-yourself Business Planner Tutorial - configurable Start Date and Simulation Time (10..100 years) PV System is a standalone client: no adware, no spyware, no data transfer, no Server behind you. Precise. Pure. and Safe. It’s your business. We respect that. The special thing about the Windows 10 Store App for Photovoltaic System is that all formula editors are activated by default. So you can translate PV System to your very own languages, and create your own variants, for example, simulating PV Systems with certain batteries. All in all, Photovoltaic System is a reliable Desktop Application that will allow you to calculate the perfect number of PV Panels on your own House. Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy Protection. and Participation. our values.


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