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Splittr is a modern metro Splitwise client for Windows Phone. Splittr makes it easy to split a bill at a restaurant, keep track of household expenses between roommates, or just remember when a friend spots you money. Splitwise is a free web service that tracks bills and IOUs between friends. You can find out more and sign up at http://www.splitwise.com. == WHAT'S NEW == * Ability to delete groups * Bug fixes == FEATURES == * Beautiful, clean metro design (both light and dark themes) * Support for tracking both group and individual expenses * Mobile-optimized bill entry to save you time * Split bills equally, by percentage, shares, dollar adjustments, or dollar amounts * Custom dashboard lets you easily figure out who you owe * Beautiful personalized pinned group tiles * Support for all Splitwise expense types, including recurring expenses * Ability to add users and create groups directly from the app * Built-in tip calculator * Email reminders * Support for many different world currencies * Offline mode * And much more! This application uses the Splitwise application programming interface but is not affiliated with or endorsed by Splitwise, Inc. Feedback and suggestions are welcome! Send them to splittr@mironv.com or @MironV.


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