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The Reverse Experience is a very special Reversi / Othello player. This game is not for dumbos. But it's a very easy game to learn, and your benefit will be that you learn to think ahead a far number of moves over time. The Reverse Experience includes a powerful game-search based optimization engine allowing for customization of the game's various play strategies. Here you learn to be a really awesome player. The special thing about The Reverse Experience is that the game will select from different strategy scenarios that it will play against you, depending on the level you choose. So game play will be different, each level. Once you win a level, you'll be automatically uplifted and allowed to try the next strategy. Which should make it a little more interesting, we thought, and could also serve as a nice example of board game evaluation theory. This will also introduce you into the field of strategy scenario variation - learn how to choose from a variety of strategic options. An evaluation window will show you precisely how each move was calculated internally, explain briefly the strategy you're exploring, and you can compare the impact of the different board evaluation strategies on the total move score. The game's evaluation strategies are based on IAGO, the first computer software beating an official human world champion in a board game. It features an article by Paul S. Rosenbloom where he explains how he set up IAGO with different strategies, their background theory, and how they offer advantages against human systems thinking. Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy Protection. chance. and Participation. our values.


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  • Powerful Search Engine, including a variety of Game Evaluation Strategies to select from.
  • Gamification Elements as a whole experience: win a level and be uplifted to explore the next Strategy.
  • Two Twitter competitions included where users can vote on new ideas as well as a dynamic roadmap.
  • Learn about Strategy Scenario Variations by playing an easy-to-learn, widely known Reversi/Othello game.
  • Included with the application is a detailed strategy analysis and move evaluation dialogue.
  • No Data Gathering. No Ads. No Spyware. No Webserver behind. A pure client. This is your life, not ours.

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The Reverse Experience is copyright (c) 2016 Martin Bernhardt, Founder of Dynamic Applications.

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