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TinyPlanet lets you to transform your landscape or panoramic photo into a sphere so that it looks like a tiny planet. In only a few seconds you can convert any photo into a tiny planet masterpiece and experiment with different levels just by adjusting sliders. Tips for making Tiny Planets 1. Press Open button to select photo from image library on your phone or take a new one. Landscape photos are preferable and panoramic shots are even better. After choosing original photo, a default planet image will be generated. 2. With Tunnel switch you can bend your photo around in a concave way, for the opposite effect. 3. Resulting image will look more seamless if the right and left edges of your photos match, but if they don't, you can try to improve matters with Mirror switch. 4. Use Zoom and Rotate sliders to adjust size and rotation angle of a resulting image, and Twist slider to give it some spin. 5. Use Reset button to reset settings to defaults. 6. Save resulting image by pressing Save button.


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