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A 3rd-party full-featured universal native Tumblr client. Stable, powerful, rich customization settings. Featured functions: -Support multiple windows. -Manage saved photos and videos. -Create animated GIFs from your local videos -Convert an animated GIF to mp4 -Capture an animated GIF by camera -Can specify the image source of the primary live tile -Tag manager to add tags easily -Paste local photos, a photo link, a screenshot or a bitmap captured by other tools directly to the photoset post editor from clipboard -App PIN lock -Waterfall blog image viewer. -Tag based post blacklist -Offer a lot of options for customization -Share link or photos by post -Live videos supported -Submission -Dashboard, explore, messaging, account and notification -Search all blogs and posts in tumblr -Visit any public blog directly by blog name -All post types are supported : photo, video, audio, text, link, quote, chat -Change the layout of a photoset post by drag-drop -Publish a composed post directly, add it to queue, or just save it to drafts -Edit any post in your blog, post queue or drafts -Save images and videos to local -Hold the reblog button to perform a quick-reblog action -Multiple login accounts supported -Browsing history -Edit the settings and theme for your blogs


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