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Now with equalizer! Listen your favorite music and audiobooks with Vacuum Tube Player. Player: - Can play .flac (on Windows 10) .mp3 .aac/.m4a/.m4b/.mp4 .wav .wma .ac3 .3gp .3g2 .amr - Background playback with standard controls on lock screen - Next track selection: tap track and player will open it next - Covers and images gallery - Low power consumption - Playback schedule - Supports huge playlists - Equalizer (Requires Windows 10 with Anniversary Update) - Tube sound effect (Requires Windows 10 with Anniversary Update) - Noise suppression effect (Requires Windows 10 with Anniversary Update) - Gapless playback (Requires Windows 10 with Anniversary Update) - Resampler (Requires Windows 10 with Anniversary Update) Collection: - Playlists automatically created from folders - Playlist editor with custom file picker - Quick add tracks to playlist or remove them - Cover art downloader: if there is no image in folder of current track it will be found and downloaded from network within several seconds - Search by all tags at once: if you are looking for some rock from 70-s, just enter «Rock 197» in search box - Playlist tiles Converter (versions before Anniversary Update): - Can sort files by artist and album folders - Tube sound effect - Gaps reduction - Noise removal tool - Eight bands equalizer A note about advertisements Advertisement providers could use geolocation, but player does not need it and does not track your location. You can download and install paid version without banners. Questions you may have Q: Tube sound on digital device? Is it possible? A: It is just math, player emulates single-ended triode amplifier. Some popular players on PC had similar plugins. Q: I do not see my music, where is it? A: If you do not see your music, please check that: 1) SD card is inserted and contacts are reliable. 2) Check phone settings, check whether other apps can access files on SD card. 3) Is there message that card has errors when phone is connected to PC with USB cable? If you have Card Reader on your PC or notebook, you may also try insert card and check it for errors. 4) Files are copied to Music folder. By security reasons player can access only folder with name Music. 5) Check file extensions. By example FLAC is supported only on Windows 10. Exact list of supported extensions on Windows 10: .mp3 .flac .wav .mp4 .m4a .m4b .wma .aac .amr .3gp .3g2 .ac3 Windows 8.1: .3g2 .3gp .aac .asf .amr .m4a .mp3 .mp4 .wav .wma Q: How to upgrade to Windows 10 and get latest version of this player? A: Find in store, install and run Upgrade advisor app.


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