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Feel free to write Visual Basic, execute immediately! Visual Basic Builder for Beginners (VBBB) is an application that supports writing the programming language Visual Basic for anyone. Ideal for programming the first time or running a small program. Features of VBBB Easy install All you have to do is to download from the store! You can use as soon as you have downloaded. Easy programming You can write immediately after startup! You can notice your misses by highlighting corresponding line. VBBB shows input recommendation and arguments of methods. Free execution After you write programs, let's click run button. If there are no errors, your program will run. Other features of VBBB • Fast boot by .Net Native technology • Syntax highlighting, input suggestions, displaying arguments by Roslyn technology · Type mistakes are reduced! · Even if Visual Basic is first time, this is safe! • Clear UI according to Fluent Design System • Display program that is divided by procedure or class · It can be written immediately like VBScript · There is no falsehood to be written at the beginning! · If you have experience of BASIC (True BASIC, Quick BASIC, Smile BASIC, Small Basic, etc.) or VBScript, go to the Procedure tab · If you have experience of legacy VB (ver 6.0 or earlier) or VBA, go to structured tab • Automatic indentation •template • Dark mode Visual Basic is a language like this! Visual Basic is easy for beginners, yet it has high performance to be used at professional sites. It is very popular and ranked fifth in the program language ranking TIOBE Index as of September 2018. Mastering Visual Basic makes it easy to understand other programming language such as C # or Java. What can Visual Basic do? You can make an application software that runs on Windows. Whatever application, is. Of course VBBB is also written in Visual Basic. Also, it will work on Mac and GNU / Linux unless you don't use window. (* 1) Recently, it also works with smartphones and tablets. (* 2) What can we do with VBBB? You can make small apps, but it is not suitable for building huge applications. You can only write and execute Visual Basic. -----In most cases Visual Basic is written with a huge software called Visual Studio. This software is very useful and functional, such as UI design and debugging with the mouse, but VBBB does not have such a high function. However, because the function has been tightened to the minimum, VBBB is useful for beginners. ※ 1 .Net Core installation required ※ 2 Informal, requires Xamarin


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