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THE APP _________ Visual Stimulation is dedicated to parents and their children, and is designed to stimulate newborns sight. The application has an easy and intuitive layout. Changing images is done by simply tapping on the image. It is also possible to set up a slide show, where images can be shuffled and displayed for a desired time. VISUAL STIMULATION _________ It has been proven by many scientific research that high contrast images are the most appealing to newborns. This is due to the fact, that babies’ brains are not yet well developed and have a lot of new information to process. Looking at the black and white images, presenting simple shapes, allows their brains to have a rest from the overwhelming world of stimulus. It not only helps babies to percept and familiarize with new objects, but also gives their parents a chance to have a few moments of peace and quite. Worth noting is the fact that newborns can see clearly within ~30-35 cm (12-14 inch)


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