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Wherever you might be, either at home, on public transport or at the countryside dacha – Yandex will always answer your queries. The app does not only find the information you need, but also immediately gives ready solutions to all sorts of situations, such as: • searching for “commuter trains from Moscow to Tver” will immediately give you a train schedule; • typing “departure translate” or “apple in German” translates the desired word; • entering the query “pharmacy” or “ATM” shows the ones nearest to you on a map; • looking for “today’s news” to get up to speed with the latest information within a minute; and • finding out what’s on the silver screen by entering “cinema today”. Yandex responds to specific questions instantly. Such things include queries like “Moscow dialing code”, “length of the Nile” or “$320 in euro” – the answer to which will all appear right in the search bar without having to wait for the results to load. Meanwhile on the search home page you will always know the weather, the city’s current traffic status and today’s exchange rates.


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