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Notedrop is a new note-taking app, which provides a new way of taking notes. It does offer much functionality that traditional apps didn't include. For example, it lets you organize your notes with categories. This is a simple but powerful tool, allows you to manage everything without being limited by how many nested structures you can have. Some of the core features are of Notedrop are: A clean and modern design, with a good typography style. In Notedrop your notes are saved in different kinds of blocks. This means you can have a simple paragraph, but also an image, YouTube videos, LaTex formulas, or you can even attach files and much more. This helps to make your notes much more useful, than just being limited to text. Of course, we will be adding tons of blocks in the future, while still keeping your old note compatible. Another important part about this app, that we are worried about your privacy. This means all your notes are saved locally on your hard drive. So we don't know what you're writing with our app and that's good so. But this means also you currently can't sync your notes between different devices - but this feature will come soon... It will be optional whether you want to sync your notes with our server then. This is a Beta Version of Notedrop, so they might be bugs (Please use our website for feedback). But we hope you enjoy ;)


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