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Welcome to My Cake Shop. You don't need anything other than your fingers to enjoy a sweet baked treat, as these tasty foods are filled with cake! This game is a delicious sweets baking app that lets you become a dessert chef at the press of a button. Bake amazing cake treats one by one in your virtual kitchen, mixing in vanilla cream, chocolate and other tasty ingredients. Pull them out of the oven, decorate and voila, you're a certified food chef! # Gameplay # Build and design cakes in this amazing baking and cooking app, all without stepping foot in a real kitchen! Start by mixing up the ingredients. Vanilla cream, flour, eggs and chocolate go well together, so stir them up and pour them in a pan. Then bake the dessert until it's hot and ready to eat. There are tons of sweet dessert flavors to choose from, so let your food imagination go wild as you bake like a professional chef! Before selling your cakes, you can decorate it! Turn an ordinary baked sweet into an extraordinary one by putting sprinkles, ice cream or other topping foods on your cupcakes. Or hey, maybe just a thick layer of chocolate frosting and some rainbow glitter? It's all up to you. You're the master dessert chef, after all! Earn money by selling delicious cakes and buy various decorations. And you could upgrade your level and get more diamonds # Features # - Create yummy cake desserts from scratch, such as: cupcake, birthday cake, wedding cake, princess cake. - Bake each treat in the oven until it's ready to eat. - Decorate your cakes with icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more. - Real ingredient pictures make your cream creations come alive! - Add birthday candles and blow them out yourself! - Tons of flavors, frostings and decorations. - No messes to clean up, just baking and decorating! - Complete special orders to earn diamonds! - Create your berry own recipe, and make it later at home!


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