• Ami Turgman

    A Principal Software Engineer and Evangelist at Microsoft. Ami's team engages with startups and enterprise innovation labs, to work through their toughest technical challenges. Ami brings entrepreneurship skills, creativity, innovation, end-2-end development and customer-focused approach. Ami joined Microsoft 10 years ago as a software engineer. Since then, Ami played different roles in product groups and incubations which shipped several innovative products in the mobile and web worlds.
  • Andrei Ermilov

    I am a software engineer with expertise in developing applications, games and websites as well as driving projects as technical lead and facilitating creative solutions. I am motivated with a great passion for technology, and thrive in a fast-paced creative environment where I can help turn ideas into reality. I have experience in leading face-to-face customer meetings, presenting technical subjects and training team members. I strive to create great working relationships with stakeholders through strong communication skills. My goal is to become an industry expert and work in a creative team that designs and builds innovative products which have a positive impact in everyone’s lives.
  • Ari Bornstein

    AI enthusiast with a passion for engaging with new technologies, history, and computational medicine.
  • Beat Schwegler

    I'm an architect and coder with a special expertise in design, implementation and operation of cloud based services. While based in Switzerland, I travel across the globe to inspire people in how to innovatively use digital technologies to solve problems and tackle new opportunities. I'm equally passionate about technology and business, which gives me the ability to get others to think "out of the box" and to support them in their digital transformation.
  • Ben Greenier

    Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Bhargav Nookala

    Senior Open Source Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Bruno Medina Bolanos Cacho

    I come from a small beautiful city called Oaxaca located in southwestern Mexico. In this sensual and mystical place, we eat tlayudas filled with chapulines.Topics of interest: Containers, distributed systems, AI, Mathematics
  • Bryan Smith

    Applied Machine Learning Engineer at Microsoft
  • CY Yam

    Over 10 years of industrial and research career with blue-chip advanced technology companies (Microsoft, Intel, HP, BAE Systems) and internationally renowned research institutions (University of Southampton, National Physical Laboratory, A-Star)Experienced in Quantitative Analytics, Algorithm Design and Development, System Modelling and Simulation, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Experimental Design and System Performance Analysis, Natural Language Processing and Visual Analytics.
  • Clemens Wolff

    Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Claudius Mbemba

    Adventure addict, Life learner, World traveler, Entrepreneur, & Developer. You can read more about me on my website below.
  • David Douglas

    Creative problem solver, award winning designer, branding, typography, infographics, motion, responsive web and app development.
  • David Makogon

    I specialize in the Windows Azure cloud-computing platform, and I'm currently an Azure Technical Evangelist with Microsoft.
  • Elad Iwanir

    I am an experienced Cloud Software Engineer with a Computer Science Master's Degree. I have experience building enterprise grade cloud solutions (Azure Security Center) and experience with many cloud offerings.
  • Eric Rozell

    Software engineer at Microsoft. Fluent in C# and the .NET Framework, with an emphasis on functional reactive programming and the LINQ Expressions API.
  • Erik Schlegel

    Principal Software Engineer - Microsoft
  • Evan Louie

    Open Source Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Hang Zhang

    10+ years experience in data science and machine learning. Winner of Kaggle/KDDCup machine learning competitions. Master of statistics.
  • Hannah Krager

    Software Engineer at Microsoft. Pythonista and Whovian
  • Jason LaChance

    Jason LaChance is a Principal Software Engineering Lead with the Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft
  • James Spring

    Bit wrangler by trade. Frequently spotted in the outdoors - rivers, forests, ocean, mountains. Know a little bit about California and Western States history, always learning more. Member of the fraternal order preserving Western history -- E Clampus Vitus.
  • Jason Fox

    I have a diverse technical background, but recently, I have been concentrating on software development. More specifically, on Microsoft .NET platforms.
  • Jason Poon

    Experienced Senior Software Engineer with a demonstrated history collaborating directly with partners, customers, and the developer community. Skilled in cloud development (Azure) with a particular passion for Kubernetes and open source, in general. Armed with a Bachelor's of Applied Science focused in Software Engineering from The University of British Columbia.
  • JC Jimenez

    Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Josh Holmes

    Chief Engineer Commercial Software Engineering Americas at Microsoft
  • Lilian Kasem

    Software Engineer at Microsoft. Proud member of Hufflepuff. Passionate about technology.
  • Michael Lanzetta

    I've been a professional software developer for over 15 years, working with Python, Node.js, C#, Java, and C++ in a variety of companies from start-ups to large firms.My experience spans both Windows/.NET and *nix/Linux-based, with heavy DB and NoSQL experience and a focus on large custom server apps with web front-ends and a variety of integration points. Lately I've moved on from my focus on NoSQL stores, PaaS/IaaS solutions and other distributed systems solutions to heading the Machine Learning working group in TED. My focus has thus shifted to large-scale ML deployments using Spark MLLib, Scikit-Learn, AzureML, CNTK, TensorFlow, Keras and other Deep Learning toolkits.
  • Michael Platt

    Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Mona Soliman Habib

    Principal Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft
  • Mor Shemesh

    OSS Wizard @Microsoft
  • Mustafa Kasap

    Scientist - Software Engineer. Spends his time with engineering teams and customers to implement cutting edge solutions.
  • Olga Liakhovich

    Data Scientist passionate about DNNs, scalable systems, big data and sleek UX.
  • Omri Mendels

    Data scientist with passion to solving interesting problems with data. Experienced in building scalable data pipelines and integrating predictive modules into live systems
  • Patty Ryan

    Principal Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft, Data Geek, Hiking Enthusiast
  • Petro Soininen

    Software Engineering, People and Business Leader at Microsoft
  • Rabeea Abu Saleh

    Software Development Engineer at Microsoft. Working with top tier startups, enterprise innovation labs and open source communities, on building new and reusable solutions that are helping our partners to solve complicated technical issues.
  • Rick Barraza

    Rick Barraza provides Creative Strategy and Design Engineering for Microsoft. Passionate about working, playing and speaking at the cultural intersection of design and emerging technology, he is inspired by the impossible and uses pixels, code and hardware to make it real.
  • Rita Zhang

    Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • Ritchie Lozada

    Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
  • Sherif El Mahdi

    Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft driving co-development of cloud-based products with leading global customers and partners. Skilled in cloud development (Azure) with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and DevOps.
  • Sertaç Özercan

    Software Engineer @Microsoft
  • Shawn Cicoria

    Open Source Engineer focused on Blockchain and high scale distributed systems
  • Stefan Gordon

    Stefan is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Syed Hassaan Ahmed

    Developer at Microsoft, building distributed systems on Azure.
  • Yash Pande

    Intern at Microsoft in the CSE Applied ML team. Rising junior studying Pure Math and Computer Science at UC San Diego.
  • Tim Park

    Chief Engineer at Microsoft
  • Tingting Zhao

    Data Scientist at Microsoft
  • Toby Bradshaw

    Experienced Development Director/Tech Lead
  • Tomer Rosenthal

    Software engineer and a cloud solution architect @Microsoft
  • Tyler Gibson

    esign Strategist, UX Engineer, Futurist
  • Vesselin Diev

    Principal Data and Applied Scientist at Microsoft
  • Vikram Paramasivan

    Vikram Paramasivan an innovative leader in Microsoft Core OS + Intelligent Edge division’s Engineering Systems team that builds and runs the world’s largest engineering system that has more than 10,000 developers working on a codebase of more than 220 million lines and contributing 4.5 million changes each year, which is stored on the largest GIT repository on the planet.Prior to his current role he led the Microsoft Technical Engagements in the Innovation Outreach Program (IOP) an invitation-only invitation-only program comprised of 35 Global 2000 companies who represent over $2T in annual revenue and is forum of senior innovation executives from multinational enterprises who explore and prepare for impending business and technology disruptions.
  • Ville Rantala

    Software Engineer at Microsoft
  • William Buchwalter

    Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Research at Microsoft
  • Zachary Nawar

    Software Engineer at Microsoft. Avid gamer. Passionate about making cool stuff.