Imagining the possibilities

Deciding what you want to do with your life is a daunting thing. Especially when you're only 16 or 17 years old. DreamSpace exists to fire the imaginations of Transition Year students on what the answer to that question might possibly be.

Making dreams reality

A career in technology opens up a world of possibilities. It does not necessarily mean a life of coding. In DreamSpace we'll show students how technology can set them on a path to doing what they love for a living and how they could make their dream job a reality.

Technology everywhere

We aim to provide students with immersive STEM experiences and see how STEM is a part of many areas of everyday life, from arts and design to sport and music.

Creating their own future

Here is where we hope students' ambitions will be made, where they will see the opportunities, and imagine something greater for themselves and their future.

Before your session

This activity will spark students creativity before their DreamSpace virtual experience. They will imagine the future and the role that technology may play in changing our lives. DreamSpace will provide some brainstorming questions and resources to kick-start this activity.

What will your session involve

Session A – Full STE(A)M Ahead (Beginners)

In this session, students will be introduced to the types of jobs and skills that are required in Microsoft Ireland and the jobs of tomorrow. Students will then be challenged to reimagine how these key skills work alongside technology and STEAM. Based on your classroom, the activities during this session can be catered for with or without students access to technology (plugged or unplugged). This session is recommended for students with a basic level of coding experience as some activities, including unplugged, will give students an introduction to coding.

Session B – Supercharge Your Ideas (Intermediate/Advanced)

In this session, students will be challenged to supercharge an idea of their own using a design thinking approach. Students who have, or are, completing coding modules or entering senior cycle Computer Science would benefit best from this experience which will explore Artificial Intelligence alongside some hands-on challenges. ​​Based on your classroom, the challenges can be catered for with or without students access to technology (plugged or unplugged). If activities are unplugged, they will be based upon more advanced terminologies. Therefore, this session is recommended for students with an intermediate or advanced level of coding experience.

After your session

These tasks are designed to extend the experience of DreamSpace to your classroom. Students will build on the experience by taking part in follow-up projects that will keep the creativity flowing and supercharge their ideas.