Dream Space: Making an impact

At Dream Space, research and learning with and from the communities we work with has always been key in helping us to empower everyone to achieve more. Discover more about our research, publications and achievements to date since we opened our doors in April 2018.

Dreamspace Education
Dream Space Education Model

Dream Space aims to engage students and teachers in innovative STEM education experiences. These experiences utilise the 21st Century Learning by Design activity model alongside a transdisciplinary STEM approach which looks at the STEM subjects through a project-based lens. A recipient of the Royal Irish Academy award for research innovation, education at Dream Space has combined research and application to ensure continuous innovation and impact.

transition year School
Learning STEM in new ways

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dream Space changed approach and brought their STEM content online and to RTÉ. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland, research by Maynooth University established the value of home-learning but also, the challenges of moving education to the home. This has informed recommendations about the future and allows us to influence policy. It also allows us to present key findings to national STEM stakeholders as well as internationally at conferences.

moving beyond girls
Moving beyond Girls in STEM

Funded by the Science Foundation Ireland Discover Grant, the ALL Institute in Maynooth University have partnered with Dream Space and others to develop a new national programme. This will use a combination of research and action to empower young working class women to move into STEM career paths, and to understand these paths for working mothers also. This work will impact communities across Ireland, inform policy and practice and set challenges for how society can improve to support these groups.

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Dream Space and Inclusion

Research conducted has explored the place of ‘digital wealth’ in supporting society. This has shown that while assistive technology (AT) promotes inclusion and participation of students with additional educational needs (AEN), there is a need for teachers to be given more support with AT devices and resources. We will continue this work moving forward to ensure that new forms of training are available to prepare teachers and support inclusion of all students.