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  • Only import solutions that you've obtained from a trusted source. Customizations might include code that can send data to external sources.
  • When you import customizations or settings that already exist on the target system, the imported customizations will overwrite the existing ones. This situation can happen if you have already customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and then add new customizations provided by a third party.

Items available for import

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Customization, click Solutions.
  3. On the Actions toolbar, click Import.
  4. To browse through folders and locate a compressed (.zip) file or a cabinet (.cab) file that contains customizations and settings exported from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, click Browse.

    - OR -

    In the text box next to the Browse button, type the path and file name of a compressed (.zip) file or a cabinet (.cab) file that contains exported customizations and settings.

  5. Click Next.

    After the file is processed, click View solution package details to see a list of the solution components that were imported. If any of the items could not be processed successfully, a dialog box displays error messages.

  6. If you are updating an existing solution, the Import Options window is displayed. Here, select either Maintain customization (recommended) or Overwrite customizations. The two options are described in the window.
  7. If you want to activate any workflows and enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution, select the Post Import Actions check box. The workflows and SDK message processing steps will begin working as soon as the import is finished.
  8. Click Next.

    When the solution import is done, a message appears notifying you if it was successful. If any of the items could not be processed successfully, the dialog box displays error messages.

  9. If you have imported entity customizations you must publish them before they will be available.


  • You cannot import a custom entity with the same name as an existing entity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows duplicate display names, though.
  • You can import only items that you have organization-level access to create, read, and update.
  • You must have the System Administrator security role to import security roles, organization settings, sdk message processing steps, and plug-in assemblies.
  • If you import customizations that include a language that is not installed on your system, any labels defined in the customizations will default to the base language of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system the customizations were imported from.
  • All imported security roles will be attached to the root business unit.
  • If an imported security role originated from the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online system, any changes applied to the security role will be merged. All privileges on system entities for the security role will be replaced by privileges defined by the security role that is being imported.

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