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This page is designed for developers who want to link to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online SDK, developer tools, or want to know the service endpoint URLs.

Organization Unique Name

You need the unique name for your organization when interacting with the Discovery Service.

Windows Azure AppFabric Issuer Certificate

This is the public certificate that is required to configure Windows Azure AppFabric ACS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online integration.

Developer Center

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Developer Center on MSDN contains a wealth of information to help developers. Here you will find the SDK, which includes documentation, samples, and tools, as well as technical articles, ramp-up kits, videos, blogs, forums, and more. For more information on using each item on this page, see the article "Using the Developer Resources Page" in the SDK documentation.

Discovery Service

This is a Web service that provides information about the organizations that are available on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online server using the SOAP protocol. This information includes the URL for each organization.

Organization Service

This is a Web service that provides access to the business data and metadata for your organization using the SOAP protocol.

Organization Data Service

An Open Data (OData protocol) Web service that provides access to the business data for your organization using a RESTful API. This link opens the Conceptual Schema Definition Language (CSDL) document, which describes how to access your data using this API.

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