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In the world of business, the only constant is change. As your needs evolve and grow, so should your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Whether you are growing and need to add users, or you need to add on to your solution to address new business problems, or you want to take advantage of system functionality that you already own but haven’t ”turned on” yet, your business will benefit from a review of your current needs.

Your partner can help assess your needs and determine if it would be cost-effective to expand your system or take advantage of new functionality by upgrading to the current version.


One of the most valuable benefits of your Business Ready Enhancement Plan is the ability to take advantage of periodic system upgrades and updates for your solution. Microsoft invests heavily in research and development, so keeping your business on the latest version available means benefiting from new features and capabilities and staying on the leading edge of technology.

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    Learn how your partner can help you plan for your future success with a Business Capabilities Assessment. Your business needs will evolve and change over time, and so should your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

    Your partner can help you create and update a Business Solutions Roadmap so you can build a plan for ongoing success. The planning process is simple and straightforward and can help your organization at any time.

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    If you purchased your Microsoft Dynamics solution under Module Based Licensing, you may benefit from transitioning to Business Ready Licensing (BRL).

    BRL offers a wide array of functionality that can help you extend and increase the capabilities of your solution. Contact your partner for help with deciding whether transitioning to BRL is right for you.

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    Prior to July 2006, customers purchased their Microsoft Dynamics solutions using Module Based Licensing (MBL). MBL places value primarily in functionality (modules or granules). BRL places value primarily in number of users.

    Under MBL, customers build a customized ERP solution for their business by buying individually priced functionality components (called modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and AX and granules in Microsoft Dynamics NAV) and user licenses.

    MBL is offered in the:

    • Small Business edition, Professional edition, or Enterprise edition for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    • Standard or Professional edition for Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and NAV.

      • The Standard edition offers limited functionality and is intended for customers with fewer complex business requirements.

      • Standard edition solutions typically have a 10-user limit, although functionality and user limits may vary in certain regions and geographies.

      • The Professional edition (and Enterprise edition for Microsoft Dynamics AX) solutions offer:

        • More scalable user counts.

        • Affordable, scalable functionality targeted to midmarket, upper midmarket, and corporate account customers.

    With the launch of BRL in July 2006, MBL was discontinued for new customers.

    As your business functionality needs change, so do your licensing needs. Microsoft allows a transition that recognizes your previous Microsoft Dynamics investment and delivers the Business Ready Licensing (BRL) edition (either Advanced Management or Business Essentials) that offers additional capabilities.

    Transitioning to BRL can offer value by helping you:

    • Extend your current Microsoft Dynamics solution. You can automate new areas of your business to help increase efficiency and drive overall cost reduction. The wide array of functionality includes financials, distribution, manufacturing, field service, project accounting, business intelligence, collaboration, and customer relationship management.

    • Increase the capabilities of your current solution. This may mean enhancing financial management through better compliance, improved reporting capabilities, or increased exposure internally to key data needed to drive decisions.

    The benefits of a license model transition include:

    • Customer choice. You can choose when and if you want to transition. You can choose to stay on the current license model and continue to license users and modules in it.

    • Investment credit. You can license Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL with confidence. If and when it makes sense to transition, you will receive credit toward your new solution.

    You may not find a transition advantageous, however. For help with making a decision about whether BRL is right for you, contact your partner and ask them to guide you through a Business Capabilities Assessment.

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