Microsoft for Critical Infrastructure

Deliver flexible, resilient, and secure infrastructure in an increasingly digital world.

Government critical infrastructure solutions

Deliver valued services that build trust by putting people at the center of experiences and securing sensitive public information.

Modernize public utilities

Accelerate the deployment of secure, reliable, efficient, and compliant infrastructure.

Enable intelligent transportation

Enable seamless transportation systems that are connected, accessible, efficient, and sustainable.

Deliver urban innovation

Provide trusted digital experiences and easy-to-use capabilities that enhance resident services.

Modernize public utilities

Sustainable water management

Forecast demand using real-time data analysis and automation while promoting sustainable practices.

Innovative energy solutions

Develop advanced solutions that meet regulatory, safety, inspection, and compliance requirements.

Efficient electric operations

Modernize legacy infrastructure and improve operational efficiency with hybrid technology solutions.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

Enable intelligent transportation

Proactive traffic management

Monitor high-traffic areas, measure air quality, and show the benefits of green technology investments.

Modern public transport

Modernize digital infrastructure, enable data sharing, and promote collaboration between agencies.

Multi-modal logistics

Enable multimodal logistical operations that support the transport and tracking of goods.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

Deliver urban innovation

Data insights and visualization

Use data analytics to make better informed decisions that improve resident services and experiences.

Data-driven scenario planning

Drive new policies and resident experiences by using data to inform urban planning.

Enhanced civic experiences

Improve government services with technology for better communications and predictive maintenance.

Partners who bring it together

Products that make it happen

Innovations and transformations

Governments reimagining critical infrastructure

Streamlining processes

DC Water migrated most of its applications and workforce systems to the cloud, increasing efficiency.

Maximizing employee uptake

Victoria’s MTIA pivoted to agile delivery of collaboration technology to speed adoption, enabling remote work.

Staying on track

Digital collaboration has help the National Railway Company of Belgium see a reduction in high-speed incidents to almost zero, and reliability is up by 4% when compared to last year.

Standardizing security

SWK optimized its security with drive encryption and automatic classification of GDPR-relevant data.

Boost efficiency and scale for growth

Axpo is using the insights from ingesting more than 20 million measurements daily, to optimise performance and increase efficiency – leading to climate-friendly savings in water and energy.

Products for government critical infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Build, manage, and deploy applications remotely to solve challenges of any size.

Microsoft 365

Unite remote teams with industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Combine critical infrastructure data with continuous insights for faster decision making.

Microsoft Power Platform

Build infrastructure solutions to analyze data, automate processes, and deliver secure services.

Microsoft Surface

Access hardware made for remote work and protected by Microsoft security and modern manageability.

HoloLens 2

Improve field service with collaboration in mixed reality, enabling remote consultation with experts.

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Don’t miss this moment to build infrastructure that works for all

Now is the time to turn vision into action and meet the increased demand for public infrastructure.