Explore the future of autonomous systems

Autonomous systems are part of a new class of systems now evolving that go beyond basic automation.

Moving from automation to autonomy

Scientist in a laboratory working on robotics.

Scale human expertise

Our platform for autonomous systems is based on a new approach to AI development called machine teaching. Domain experts can leverage their knowledge to teach the machine without data science expertise required, keeping humans in the loop during operations with explainable predictions and fail-safe mechanisms.

Woman works on spools in a textile factory.

Drive real-world innovation

Design and manage autonomous systems across their lifecycle with a comprehensive portfolio of leading-edge technology that you can apply to your real business scenarios. From smart buildings to robotics, Microsoft is democratizing the development of industrial autonomous system.

Worker in a hard hat uses a tablet in a factory.

Create trustworthy autonomy

Invest with confidence in a trusted, enterprise-grade platform that prioritizes security, compliance and responsible innovation. Develop autonomous systems with transparent design, ensuring humans are the ultimate decision-maker. New tools provide increased confidence in these models and systems.

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