• Reduce customer churn with personalized interactions

    Keep your customers engaged with a personalized experience throughout the buyer’s journey. See how Dynamics 365 pulls insights from CRM, productivity, marketing, and social data to create a holistic picture of your customer at every touchpoint.

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  • Watch and learn from industry leaders

    Gain valuable insights directly from sought-after entrepreneurs and thought leaders. You’ve got a front-row seat as industry disruptors discuss the pinnacles and pitfalls of today’s evolving business landscape. Webinar attendees also receive exclusive access to in-depth whitepapers, e-books, and other educational assets.

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  • Boost customer loyalty with AI

    Learn three ways AI can help you create a personalized, seamless experience for your customers while keeping ahead of the competition. Engaging shoppers with chatbots or customized shopping experiences—AI is reshaping the retail landscape.

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  • Drive customer engagement with predictive tools

    Start profiting from the wealth of data in your customer base. Adopting predictive technology helps you develop smarter business plans by gleaning authentic customer insights, informing your sales and marketing strategies to keep customers coming back.

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  • Gain dividends from your workforce

    Learn how new technology is helping businesses like yours create a more responsive and secure workplace. Access this on-demand webcast series to hear what industry experts are saying about the state of AI, and how you can keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving enterprise technology.

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  • Empower government employees through cloud-based collaboration

    Build repositories of experienced professionals, enable best practices, and help new employees get up to speed faster. Find out how state and county governments are helping municipalities broaden access for people with disabilities and even maximize response time during disaster-recovery efforts.

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  • Learn four ways to motivate millennials

    Going forward, tech-savvy millennials will constitute 50 percent of the workforce by 2020—including yours. Learn how to motivate this important demographic and how the right technology can help.

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  • Find out how FedEx is using cloud technology to stay ahead

    Do away with constant upgrade cycles while saving on infrastructure costs. Putting technology at the forefront since 1978, FedEx continues to stay relevant by embracing cloud services as the core of its new IT initiatives to “drive a new era of innovation.”

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  • Making the future of field service

    Configure and remotely monitor your products—even perform predictive maintenance—with no need to develop your own software. Going from wishful thinking to an essential part of field (and customer) service, AI is now poised to transform your business.

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  • Peek inside the factory of tomorrow

    Welcome to the Internet of Things (IoT), where cloud-based computing technology and artificial intelligence continue to improve the speed and quality of operations. Find out how you can go beyond the walls of production to transform your manufacturing ecosystem.

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  • Drive growth with Intelligent Sales Advisor

    Deliver greater client value with timely, personalized interactions. Adopting predictive analytics makes it possible to form stronger connections while reaching more customers—driving sales. Find out how Intelligent Sales Advisor can help make it happen for your business.

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  • Boost efficiency by incorporating AI into your supply chains

    Unlock critical insights into your delivery operations—from route planning and warehouse operations to fulfilling complex customer orders. Learn how one food company’s choice of Microsoft Power BI helped them maintain their edge in the marketplace.

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  • Remake manufacturing with services as the product

    Imagine a scenario where you submit products to in-network manufacturers, drastically lowering your administrative and equipment costs. Embracing the Product-as-a-Service manufacturing model frees up capital for research, marketing, and sales.

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  • Learn how AI is transforming customer service

    Eliminate repetitive, predictable tasks, allowing your service agents to focus on customer interactions. Find out how AI is going way beyond automated phone systems to create and monetize completely new services.

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  • Accelerate your business with intelligent automation

    Speed up your customer onboarding, payment processing, fraud detection, and many other labor-intensive tasks. Optimizing business operations is now feasible in ways that would have been impossible only a few years ago—find out how intelligent automation is making it reality.

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  • Discover three ways AI is helping to improve healthcare

    Gain the comprehensive, consistent insights needed to deliver better outcomes and patient experiences. Find out how AI is transforming treatment for epilepsy, diabetes, and other chronic and acute illnesses.

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