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Enable personalized care

Engage patients and their family members in patient care decisions with secure personalized patient engagement solutions. Rapidly analyze and get insights from data unique to each case so clinicians and patients can coordinate effectively on treatment plans for higher patient satisfaction.

Create patient experiences that personalize healthcare

Gain insights for personalized care decisions

Improve treatment plans by getting a 360-degree view of each patient, including patient experience insights generated by analyzing provider feedback, predictive care, and case information. Facilitate patient access to secure portals and mobile tools for better patient satisfaction and care transparency. 

Make every treatment plan more personal

Help patients achieve their best health by using insights from highly patient-specific data. Provide those you serve with a personalized healthcare experience to help them stay engaged and up to speed on their treatment.

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Children’s Mercy Hospital

Doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital are using the cloud to help infants survive a dangerous congenital heart condition.

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Providence St. Joseph

Providence St. Joseph health provides a personalized patient experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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NHS Glasgow and Clyde

NHS uses AI and remote patient monitoring to improve health outcomes in patients with chronic conditions.

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