Communications solutions support and grow telecom

Optimize networks to modernize and control costs

Drive down costs, realize efficiencies, and use advanced analytics to predict and avoid telecommunications service disruptions. Telecom technology services increase productivity while lowering operational costs by empowering field technicians with next-generation field services.

Optimize your telecommunications business

Scale into the cloud to quickly replicate and extend products and services—including à la carte and on-demand models—while capitalizing on emerging opportunities. Democratize technologies such as network edge compute (NEC), mobile edge computing (MEC), and the Internet of Things (IoT) with 5G frequency technologies to deliver new service innovation.

Telecommunications solutions making operations more agile

Streamlining security for a 40 percent increase in productivity

NTT is improving security and increasing both employee productivity and communication.

Increasing productivity and driving down operational costs in telecom

Rackspace has reached new levels of flexibility, scalability, reporting, and cost savings through a software as a service (SaaS) business model.

Using data to spark innovation and improve customer experiences

TalkTalk has reinvented its data platform to deliver on a promise of better service, while also protecting customer data.

Communications solutions for more agile operations

Azure Sentinel Dynamics 365 for Field Service