Intelligent Asset Manager 2018


We have re-imagined the way SAM Engagements can bring value to our Customers. To help our customers maximize value, minimize risks and achieve more with their IT investments, we have introduced the Intelligent Asset Manager 2018, or simply, IAM 2018. IAM2018 is delivered in partnership with the leading SAM Tool providers to help customers experience the benefit of managing their IT assets actively and systemically. It is a SAM data and analysis platform that ensures Partners performing SAM engagements have a standardized process and workflow that ensures data quality, privacy and security controls are adhered to.

IAM2018 consists of two main components:

  1. Universal Inventory:

    The core output of IAM’s Universal Inventory (UI) is a standardized, centralized, de-duplicated view of a Customer’s IT infrastructure. This uniquely valuable data can then be used to deliver a variety of valuable insights to the customer, ranging from cybersecurity basics through infrastructure optimization to licensing efficiency.

  2. IAM Cloud:

    This cloud platform can receive data from UI through a Clean Inventory Data Contract (CIDC) and return meaningful insights or, if explicitly requested, combine it with entitlement data to create and Effective Licensing Position (ELP).
SAM Tool Providers SAM Engagement with IAM 2018 You have a SAM Tool? Process for becoming IAM compatible Centralized ELP Service Training and Readiness Material
To deliver the value of IAM2018 to our partners and customers, we are partnering with SAM tool providers to ensure seamless and safe handling of data. IAM2018 ships with native support for a variety of data sources including MAP Toolkit, System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory. In addition, the following partners’ applications are compatible with IAM2018 at launch:
Please visit these partners websites, by clicking on their logo above, to learn more about their compatibility with IAM2018 including version/edition requirements and instructions for connecting their applications with IAM2018.

If you have an Inventory tool you would like to make compatible with IAM2018 or you are considering developing analysis and visualization capabilities for data within the Universal Inventory, click here for more information.