Drive real-time bank payments

Deliver on trust, provide more options, and create better experiences. Explore core banking and financial software for real-time payments.

Modernize core banking systems and monetize new opportunities

Move to real-time payments systems

Build the infrastructure to enable real-time payments. Retain customers and protect the bank by delivering on next-generation intelligent fraud detection.

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Discover new revenue streams from real-time payment systems data. Be faster and more agile in rolling out new banking products and services to meet customer demand.

Learn how real-time bank payments are driving the future of banking

Reimagining instant payments by gaining greater operational efficiencies

Microsoft and SWIFT partner, taking a big step forward in reducing friction and operational inefficiencies in payments ecosystem.

Enabling 100 million purchase transactions

Payments gateway delivers on a huge number of business transactions per second.

Scale and innovation allow for a globally competitive mobile app to be used 400,000 times per day

Bringing new services to market at scale by creating new value and gaining a competitive advantage.

Explore real-time payments solutions

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