The agri-food sector is one of the least digitised industries in the world, with major barriers to collecting, sharing and using data. This has stalled much needed innovation. Data owners, such as farmers, start-ups and commercial agribusinesses, worry that sharing data will give away their competitive advantage. Meanwhile, agri-tech innovators who need data are unable to find it. With access to this data, growers could maximise crop yields sustainably, food processors could use analytics to ensure the efficient supply of food and researchers could help agribusinesses become more efficient and sustainable.


The Agrimetrics Data Marketplace overcomes barriers to data sharing and collaboration. Data owners can share and monetise data without losing control of it, and innovators can access critical information in a usable format. AI helps connect valuable agricultural and environmental datasets within the marketplace, providing analysis-ready data quickly and cost-effectively. By connecting people and data, Agrimetrics helps the entire industry work together to address agricultural problems.

How Agrimetrics uses Azure

Tomatoes in a packing plant.

Creating a more productive and sustainable food system

Farming equipment spraying a field.