Conservationists and landowners need to inventory forests to understand and make decisions supporting their management goals. This data can help determine the effects climate change has on sustainable land practices, support or improve species habitat and provide a more sustainable timber harvest. But taking forest inventories is labour-intensive. Foresters must manually count trees across thousands of acres – a slow, costly and occasionally unreliable process.


NCX is revolutionising how we inventory forests by combining satellite imagery with machine learning to reduce manual fieldwork while improving data precision and quality. Running on Microsoft Azure, NCX collects high-resolution satellite images and combines it with pre-existing field data to create detailed maps of forests at a 15-metre resolution. Conservationists, governments and landowners can use these maps to assess their forests and develop sustainable management plans for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional forest surveys.

A mountainous forest area.

NCX uses AI to monitor forests

Trees standing in the sun.