Solution benefits for Dynaway EAM

The Dynaway EAM solution empowers manufacturers to achieve operational excellence through greater machine effectiveness, lower administrative burdens, and controlled organisational costs. Dynaway EAM is easy to implement, and is built directly into Dynamics to provide full integration with existing ERP modules.

Greater machine effectiveness

Improve effectiveness by leveraging the solution’s preventive maintenance capabilities:

  • Gain insight into downtime through structured reports generated with Power BI
  • Optimise uptime and extend the life expectancy of your equipment
  • Increase the visibility into product performance
  • Enable workflows to respond to changing conditions

Lower administrative burden

Leverage a systematic approach to automate the management of processes:

  • Plan work orders automatically to optimise for different parameters
  • Upload asset counters for predictive maintenance automatically
  • Automate elements of purchasing and inventory transactions to gain efficiency and reduce errors

Controlled organisational costs

Reduce production costs with improved visibility into what’s happening across your business:

  • Leverage a modern platform for understanding what each machine is costing your business
  • Control costs with real-time costing information
  • Reduce maintenance overtime, labor, and contractor costs

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