Empower employees through teamwork

Microsoft and its partners enable banks to improve organisational and employee productivity through secure collaboration, communications and business process innovation technologies.

Boost employee collaboration and creativity

Learn how financial services organisations like yours are empowering employees

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Providing a strong cooperative workplace experience to improve employee engagement and customer satisfaction

Empowering employees by enabling them to be productive whether they are at a bank branch or a corporate office, at home or at a customer site.

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Creating a cloud-first mindset by boosting employee skills

Learn how Swedbank created an environment where new technologies could be quickly developed internally.

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Enhancing employee collaboration and reducing data silos

Microsoft Teams, with its advanced features, ubiquitous accessibility, and integrated Microsoft 365 security, best met PayPal’s needs to unify communications and collaboration.

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Unlocking human ingenuity through inclusion and productivity

Create a culture of inclusion that unlocks human ingenuity to advance innovation and optimise productivity.

Explore teamwork and collaboration solutions

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